by Dust Harvesting

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released July 20, 2013

Sviatoslav Abakumov — guitars, bass, vocals, programming
Jeronim Calavera — guitars




Dust Harvesting город Новочеркасск, Russian Federation

Progressive rock duo founded by Sviatoslav Abakumov in 2007 as one-man band, meeting then a second member.
Through mixture of different inspiration sources and common love for Isis, The Mars Volta, Tool, Pain of Salvation and others, band creates emotional, whereas complex in their compositional structure songs, ranging from groovy crushing riffs to jazzesque solos through the whole discography.
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Track Name: The Greatest Time
Label every
Instance of time.
Invest in your
Vale of years.
Do as much as
You're able to do.
Be in first line.
Shine like sun.

Smile wells up:
I dream of past
As of the greatest time.
Irrevocable seconds.
I wonder what would happen next.

Only sun
Is not enough
To guide me
Throughout life.

I've tried to free my shoulders from the weight
Of being the only one who bears all responsibility.
Somehow I failed at it before.
I guess it was only to the good.

Now I am back there.
There's no alternatives.
Hold on.
Cope with blame
Once again.

I pray for I won't deny my implication.
Track Name: Confluent
If we fail to meet then
All of this, all my
Advances, achievements
Will all be for nothing.

Oh, it was a long run.
Tokens of my fondness
In waveforms.

I'm about to break out.
Lights are out and I can see:
It's near.

Day has come. I've done all
I could, all I can remember
I've laid on the
Tiny piece of paper.

And suddenly everything goes wrong
Thunder-striking news above my comprehension
The gaping chasm opens wide
The second chance will divide us forever.

If we fail to meet then
All of this,
All of my advances
Were in vein.

So I choose not to
Challenge myself any more.
I give up. And my
Acts will be appreciated later.

I sacrifice my wealth and well being to be there.

There is no way back.
I hit the road to home
Right now.

I am so excited
I plant the seeds of further

And suddenly everything goes wrong again.
A burst of memory through my desperate mind.

And the mountains crumble inside my head, the point of it all vanishes.
I look at everything happened to me and it seems like nothing but a heavy set of circumstances.

Seems we fail to
Meet none the less. With
Hindsight I realize
How prophetic
Were my words.
All of this,
All of my advances
Were for nothing.

I sit down and
Feel nothing but weariness and

I just wish this day
Will end soon so I can be over and
Done with this.

She will never know of this misfortune.
Track Name: Low Level
All these vain evenings I tried so hard to prevent.
We all were there,
Waiting in the end of line to have a tiny chance.
We made fun of it.

The air was thick,
And indignity choked
Me even harder.
Are we unworthy? Too much is
Not enough.

A new doomed to fall through. But he will furthermore
Spin out our time
As we sit next to him frustrating.
They cheat... And I will.

Why didn't I
Draw all these crazy
Figures and lists.
Are we unworthy? Too much is
Not enough.

Sorry, I won't be
Home on holidays.
I have to redeem
All that I've skipped.

Well, I have a plan to
Rule things out. Don't you
Worry. I'll take
Everything step by step.

Why do you celebrate?
Do you understand the value of the moment?
I'll beat the crap out of you!
I'll beat the crap out of you!!!

Am I that unworthy?
I can't find no excuse.
When did it all start?
I didn't plan to end like this.

Am I that unworthy?
I can't find no excuse.
It's about to start over.
I won't face it unprepared.
Track Name: Pits
As the arrows fly we fall in the
Bottomless pit. Leaving no
Place for proud,
Benevolent gentlemen.

Loving soldier loses his
Affection in harmless explosions
His foot is a cake.
Your smile is all that he had.

We will never truly escape.

Animate with dysfunctions
See my hands spin out of control.
My mind cannot perceive
All your facial expressions.

Through the scope I see us being
Ran over by train.
With squeaking sound you grab me
To die senselessly.
Track Name: Wailing Mourn
A loss-flavoured colour of Mine
Sprayed on walls of empty homes
And moments of voices, giving birth
To a soon broken vow, in pieces.

Most people on their toes are now
Mark emphasis of an empty kiss
From Abandoned bodies till they
Climb to the words that fail them.

And each of roads I travelled
Ended in broken hearts
Or abandoning Those in Need.

So now I forget what I have returned
To these happy grins, and drool.

Above the sights, I suffer these wounds

Of flesh taken from me, though
I still salute to these proud
Perishing Vultures
Burning when they fly away.

I Can
See You.
And Your wailing mourn
Crawling from a grave,
I curse You as
You were coming same roads
And still You are
Down to none.

And I just hope you've got no
Farewell pictures of me
As a portrait of ruin
A piece of Collection.

Still somehow
I want You praise
My name and
Will You be back again.
Track Name: Haunted
Spiral of reminiscence
Will unroll to you.
Everlasting movement,
Unstoppable run.

Words of miserere.
Meet confused look.
Tide of guilt is coming.
I don't feel right.

I've tried to break the circle
Cutting off the links.
While I've sweared I'll always
Keep up them tight.

Seems it didn't work out.
I could not withstand
Life of guilt emerged at the
Drop of a hat.

The lane loops through the picture of me
Using hunter skills to jump upon your desk,
Blaming you for the lack of understanding.
Half an hour versus lonely word.

Time will not cure wounds leaving no scars
Without my intrusion.
You will leave behind our promise
Without my intrusion.

Bloody interference
Creeps me if they would.
I've told myself I will
Do it on my own.
Time slips through wavering
Raising price of step.
I keep uncertainty.
So much we can lose.

Reroute! Reroute the watercourse!
We were always right: he is wasting time.
Reroute! Reroute the river flow!
And don't be afraid of making new mistakes.
Track Name: Ego Anthem
Late fires die out to
Surrender deep in my cold embraces so these
Gestures of
Won't be seen by worst
Part of me.

Each other home is void
I stare into to find myself picked clean
And vestiges of what
I had and what will never be
As beautiful as it
Used to be.

Desperatedly throwing myself in tunnels,
I slumber slowly through this reminiscence
Of brighter days which I skipped to gloom
Expecting severities to come.

This glare of
Was chasing me in
Every street and every flashdance.

I die out till singing
"Love Lost. Impress".
And my victory is
Such a lonely state.
Track Name: Vulture, Warming Throne
The only thing I hear is
That we are heading for the decay
Rotting slowly away.

They say it ain't much left to
Destroy. The city is in ruins
And it's not their fault.

But they know who's to blame
And they do.

Will I turn to be like them in time,
Hating everything and everyone,
Having no more hope in future
As they do.

Will never turn and smile to the
Stranger on my way because they're all monsters,
Speeding up my pace to reach shelter.

Someone does his best to keep
Me feel not secure and his method
Actually works for most.

But they don't seem to blame
Him for this.

I close the door.
I shut my ears.

Spare me now from the pain of all world
This bring me sadness and indifference.
I have no concern in things I don't control.
This helps me everyday.

Crawl through the truth
So contrived and sinister.
You're seeing yellow.
Your color is yellow.
You vultures!

Shower me in pure joy I'm
So tired of living through this postponed drama.
I want to absorb it all
And never let it stale inside.

Filler of airtime,
Eater of life
Feed me with rotten,
Nurture the pests.

I want you burnt.
Track Name: Golden Bridges
I grasp through shattered window
A higher burden.
A longing bridge was

I kept my bluesings
And howlings to the moon
While all they were
Selling my love

On the marketplaces and
Folding every hand
To come by
These golden bridges.

I couldn't be of something less and
Lower than any bitter way.
Do you find relief in being
Passed from palm to palm?

Raised as fool among dividing hearts
And sinking ships, could any of you
Take me down with these wretched starts
No one will ever look into?

I sing along with
Everything what fades so
Our voices
Are in tune.

While floodwaters will rise.

And noise of muddy water is
Sign of my arrival
To your estates.

But I touch your broken
String and still my mandolin
Does not sing. I bowed all
The tyrants crowned.

But was left unguided. Do I have a
Place to wander? These doves in the
Sky are a flea in open cage.
Seems I stop the storyline.

Only those on solemn
Grounds would feel a sadness
From choice to care while I keep
Looking at the golden bridges.
Track Name: Glasshouse
Feels like something more then us has died.
Feels like we were part of something great
And complex and now it's
No more with us.

We will never truly understand
How lucky we were when we entered
This confinement
Behind glass walls.

Time was divided in two halves.
Days of each were like one day
In cruel way.

When we're done with our
Daily deeds we are
Left to
Our own devices.

Think of meaningless
And enter
Brand new day.
The day...

...When the rain poured down we
Parted ways to the
Shining sun and sparkling

We were all as one in
Our longing. Our
Hope was channelled to this
Very day.
Track Name: Lone Engineer
I manage explosions
Guide fire through tunnels.
The power I possess
Is beyond my competence.

I never asked for this
Augmentation of
My inborn ability
To traverse through space.

Impervious in their metal boxes
They think they only ones who right.

You take on yourself all
You are my protection from
Their raging wheels.

Impervious in their metal boxes
They think they only ones who right.

Their eyes follow me with despise
Their watchful eyes.
You better keep a distance for
I am out of my control.

I disregard what is going
Behind me. I move forward.
I can grasp ambiguity but
I have hard time directing my parts in the right way.

Convenience I strive for might
Change me in the long run. It is
Avoidable, but I was inflicted
By benevolent intentions.

I change
Mind overly easily.
I temporize
To be just like them.

Three steps
On path to divinity
Will be
My daily neurosis.

Impervious in their metal boxes
They think they only ones who right.
Track Name: Year of Empty Rooms
Empty rooms
And these empty benches
Make me miss
Times when they were full

With our friends
Ready to lend us a hand
When everything
Was against us.

What I've done, what I could
Will never get along, always juxtaposed.
Year thirteen is when we wave goodbye.

Tell me that
Life is just beginning.
But for now it seems like
It's about to end.

Our paths are
Clouded in uncertainty.
Through this fog
I can't see myself.

What I've done, what I could.
Let us draw a line. Time to count our losses.
Thirteen is when we leave.

My dear ones,
Will we ever meet again.
It's alright.
Let's enjoy this final day.

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